Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Lucy: A Day in the Life of a Young Bonobo

Our book, which came out in March, is a MUST buy. The text is cleverly written by Mathea Levine and Jane Goodall has written the Afterword for it.
Please contact out website: www.bonobokids.org to order the book.

Baby Sitting Sister

This is Johari , (who is about ten years old here),baby sitting for her brother Kaleb at the Jacksonville, Florida, Zoo. Johari still has remnants of her brunch in her right hand, but seems to have postponed eating it until sometime later. Kaleb, (who is about one and a half here), seems to have somewhere else he would rather be. But she is doing her job.
About a year after this picture was taken, Johari went to live at the Fort Worth, Texas, Zoo to hopefully start her own family with Kevin.

An Awesome mom

This mom was chased down by her older children hoping to nurse ONE LAST time. She did it but doesn't look happy about it, (at least to me she doesn't look happy). This picture is one of a series of "Women DO Multitask"
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