Monday, December 29, 2008

Cat mom and babies

Cat baby with tail

Bonobo Lexi getting her teeth brushed Jax Zoo

I was invited "back stage" at the Jacksonville, Florida Zoo, to photograph the "Keepers" training the animals. I was shocked to see this keeper pull tooth paste and a tooth brush out of her gear and then brush Lexi's teeth. Lexi seems to like it. I WISH I could get Dentists to consider using these pictures.

Bonobos do take care of their teeth

Two Three year olds

In my photographic work to get the word out for most of us that Bonobos actually DO exist I got this image of VIC. The boy in red's father told me he brought his son every week to visit Vic. Vic is behind glass. They are both three years old. They were at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Water Lily #1

This image ended up on the cover of the Magazine "Internation Journal ofArts Medicine"in 1999, Volume 6, No.1

I was at the local HiTec (getting this image printed) and a lady next to me said, "OH what a gorgeous picture! Can I use it on the cover of my magazine?" Nonchelantly I said, "what IS your magazine?" She told me and the rest is history. The image subseqently sold out several times as a greeting card at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. I LOVE this image. Chuck Dresner, my photographic mentor was with me (or I was with him) while taking this picture, and I asked him to look through the lens for me and he suggested I move the tripod to the left a few inches. Thank you Chuck.